Monday, January 16, 2012

Thankful for Dr. King

Today is Martin Luther King Day. I remember that fateful day so many years ago when Dr. King was gunned down. I was only thirteen years old at the time, but I was old enough to realize the significance of that event and I was old enough to understand that there was a real problem in our country with regard to relationships between the races. I always felt that there should not be such division, even as a youngster. Over the years, as I matured as a Christian, I found myself continually wondering why people can't get along - if only we could all treat one another with respect and love and compassion, as Jesus charges us to do, things would be so much better! Thank you, Dr. King, for your vision, your dream, your faith and your commitment to breaking down that division. So, I need to give an update concerning the goals I set for yesterday. I DID get my Christmas decorations packed away, and I managed to unpack ONE box (to make room for some of the Christmas decorations), and got SOME laundry done. I am working on laundry again today (though I do find myself wondering how two people generate so much). For the remainder of the week, I will commit to emptying two boxes per day as another goal, and in doing that, I will make progress toward setting up my creating space so I can work toward getting my purse making business under way!! I am excited to report also, that I started working on our tax return today - much earlier than before, because we got our W-2 forms already!!! I still have a couple of things to add as soon as I receive some forms I need, but hopefully will have taxes complete by the end of the month. Woo Hoo! I have been exploring lots of websites and blogs lately, and want to list a few of my favorites so far. They are primarily crafter's blogs. Check them out!

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